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February 12, 2024
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Toilet paper: an everyday product that is indispensable in our daily lives. In this article, we cover some interesting facts about toilet paper. From the number of sheets per roll to the best toilet paper to prevent clogging. You can read about it in this article.

How many sheets of toilet paper per roll?

The number of sheets of toilet paper per roll is an important factor in determining our paper consumption. Different types of toilet paper have different numbers of sheets per roll. Standard rolls usually contain between 150 and 400 sheets. Mega rolls, on the other hand, can contain up to 1000 sheets. One box of Bamboi® contains 48 rolls that last extra long. The rolls consist of 380 sheets.

How many meters of toilet paper are on a roll?

In addition to the number of sheets, it is also interesting to know how many meters of toilet paper are on a roll. Standard toilet rolls usually contain between 15 and 30 meters of toilet paper. However, rolls of a larger length are also available. For example, Bamboi® toilet paper rolls are over 40 meters long and last on average about a week. These longer rolls can be handy, not only for daily use, but also for craft projects with toilet rolls.

How much toilet paper per person?

The toilet paper consumption per person varies, but on average a person uses about 50-100 sheets of toilet paper per day. This amounts to 2-4 toilet rolls per week and about 100-200 toilet rolls per year. It is important to note that different types of toilet paper can have different numbers of sheets per roll. You can choose from single-ply, double-ply, or even triple-ply toilet paper. Bamboi® toilet paper rolls are triple-ply and therefore extra soft.

How many holes does a toilet roll have?

Does a toilet roll have 1 or 2 holes? This question may not be something you often think about, because the answer is quite simple and obvious. A standard toilet roll usually only has one hole in the middle, which is slid over the toilet paper holder. This makes it easy to hang the roll and tear off paper. And you guessed it, Bamboi toilet paper rolls also have only 1 hole. That's so convenient.

How much toilet paper per person

What is the size of a toilet roll?

The toilet roll size is standard and is used worldwide. The diameter of a toilet roll usually varies around 10 centimeters. Now you might be thinking, how long is a toilet roll then? Well, in terms of length, a typical toilet roll is about 11 centimeters wide and extends to about 12.7 centimeters in diameter when full. This size is designed to fit most toilet paper holders and provides enough paper for daily use without taking up much space. Bamboi toilet paper also has the standard size of a toilet roll.

Best toilet paper against clogging

Clogs are a common problem when using toilet paper. Wet toilet paper can especially cause clogs. It is important to choose toilet paper that dissolves well in water and does not cause clogs. When shopping in the supermarket, you can look for toilet paper that is specifically designed to prevent clogs. Due to its hypoallergenic properties and the chemical-free production process, Bamboi® is suitable for sensitive skin. Without the use of chemicals Bamboi® toilet paper is also biodegradable and thus not only soft for the home but also for the environment. Buying toilet paper in bulk can also be handy, as this often dissolves better than cheap, lower quality toilet paper.

When was toilet paper invented?

Although the exact inventor of toilet paper is unknown, it is believed that the use of toilet paper originated in China around the 6th century AD. At that time, toilet paper was made from silk. Later, other materials such as wood pulp and recycled paper were used to produce toilet paper as we know it today. It is known that in 1891, technical journalist Owen Wilsen filed a patent application for the toilet roll.

Toilet paper

How much VAT is there on toilet paper?

The VAT rate on toilet paper can vary, depending on the country and the specific tax policy. In many countries, toilet paper is considered an essential hygiene product and falls under the lower VAT rate. However, it is advisable to consult local tax laws to determine the specific VAT rate for toilet paper in a particular country. Toilet paper is an everyday product that is essential in our daily lives. From the number of sheets per roll to avoiding clogs and even its historical origin, there are many interesting facts about toilet paper. Bamboi® toilet paper is super strong, soft, and sustainable. You can order our toilet paper in our shop.

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