The benefits of bamboo toilet paper

February 12, 2024
De voordelen van bamboe wc papier
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That bamboo toilet paper is sustainable is hopefully already clear. So you can rest assured about your positive contribution to the environment. But what exactly are the benefits of sustainable toilet paper made from bamboo? Because by choosing sustainable toilet paper, you can experience personal benefits in addition to a green feeling with each toilet visit. It's a true win-win situation! Below we have listed some notable benefits of using bamboo toilet paper.

Bamboo better than trees for toilet paper

That cutting down trees for a product that you flush down the toilet every day is not good for the world, I don't need to tell you. But we all do this, every day, worldwide. And for this, a lot of trees are cut down. The ecological impact of toilet rolls is enormous. Bamboo toilet paper, on the other hand, is not only soft toilet paper but also gentle on the environment.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is much better for making toilet rolls due to its renewable qualities. Bamboo grows incredibly fast. So fast that bamboo holds the world record for fastest growing plant on earth.

A bamboo stem (of 30 meters) can be fully grown within 1 year. A pine tree takes 30 and an oak tree even 80 years. By using bamboo for toilet rolls, you reduce the number of trees being cut down for a product that is flushed down the toilet again.

The popularity of bamboo is rising and even forests are being cut down for bamboo fields. Therefore, it is important that you look at where the bamboo comes from and preferably have an FSC label for responsible forests on the products. This label ensures that the raw materials from which the toilet paper is made come from well-managed forests. By buying products with this label, you contribute to the protection of the world's forests.

Bamboo better than trees

Ecological impact of bamboo toilet paper

Another advantage of sustainable toilet paper made from bamboo is that the plant is a grass species and not a tree. Bamboo therefore does not need to be replanted when it is harvested: it is a self-fertilizing plant. This saves a lot of water that would be needed to grow young seeds.

But what is even more impressive is that bamboo can grow without artificial fertilizer or pesticide. This is due to the powerful natural anti-fungal agent Kun / Kunh. Bamboi® toilet paper is therefore completely free of added chemicals. Bamboi® is made from organic bamboo and is therefore biodegradable. It is therefore not harmful to the environment after use because no chemicals end up in water or soil.

Where bamboo also scores high is carbon storage. Bamboo stores 35% more carbon and releases 35% more oxygen than the average tree. In addition, bamboo also has a storage limit. This means that bamboo must be cut down to convert carbon back into oxygen. The cut bamboo, full of stored CO2, we make toilet paper from that.

Bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo also better for humans

In addition to bamboo toilet paper being good for the world, it also has personal benefits for the user. Thanks to the organic qualities of bamboo, our toilet paper is free of added chemicals and hypoallergenic. The paper is soft and suitable for sensitive skin. People who are affected by chemical substances in products will have a good experience with Bamboi®.

Because the paper is biodegradable, it can be safely flushed in almost every toilet. But it also decomposes with nature on the compost. So a suitable application for every person!

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Bamboo better for humans
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