What is a toilet paper holder?

February 12, 2024
Wat is een toilet rol houder bamboe
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In the Western world, we expect a toilet paper holder on the wall in every small room. Whether you're in a restaurant, at school, or at your mother-in-law's house, it almost always looks the same. This is because everyone neatly uses toilet paper.

But did you know that in countries like India, water is seen as a more hygienic method than grabbing a few sheets from the toilet paper holder. If you do have bamboo toilet paper in the bathroom, you naturally want a suitable holder within reach, on the wall. But how did this ever come about and what does such a toilet paper holder look like?

Toilet paper holder

The history of the toilet paper holder

In the Middle Ages, there was no toilet paper and certainly no toilet paper holder. People used whatever was available for personal hygiene. While wealthy people could use wool or fabric, others had leaves, moss, or sawdust available. When paper became popular among the population in the 15th century, newspapers etc. were used for this purpose.

It was with the advent of toilets in homes that people started paying for toilet paper because it did not clog the drain. This was at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century. Before this, there was already toilet paper, but it was not necessarily a success because there were many free alternatives.

The toilet paper holder itself came even later. This device was developed because the inventor wanted to prevent a toilet user from having to peel off the sheet from the roll each time. Thanks to the toilet paper holder, the toilet paper is always at an accessible height and position.

What we recommend, of course, is a bamboo toilet paper holder. Because what looks better than a bamboo toilet paper holder with natural bamboo toilet paper on it!!

Height of toilet paper holder

A toilet paper holder is a holder that keeps a roll of toilet paper within reach of your toilet. A horizontal bar is what is most common in homes. This model is the easiest to install and use. You can also quickly refill it and the reserve rolls are even under the current toilet paper on the holder. Nothing is more annoying than a toilet paper holder that you first have to screw or unscrew just to replace a roll.

The other option is a roll that hangs in a device on the wall. With these devices, the daily use of the paper itself is easier and it often looks neat.

Height of toilet roll holder

Hanging a toilet paper holder

Finally, a few tips and tricks on how to hang a holder on the wall, so you always have bamboo toilet paper for daily use within reach in your bathroom. This sparked a debate on the internet. One half argued for the sheet against the wall while the other half hung the sheet on the outside of the roll.

However, the debate was quickly ended. Namely, in the first patent ever for a toilet paper holder, it was clearly indicated that the device was intended so that the paper does not hang against the wall. So if you're screwing for your holder, hang the toilet paper the right way up at the same time! Read more about hanging a toilet roll or toilet paper facts.

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Hanging a toilet roll
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